About us

Wolfgang and Paul

Our mission is to enable our customers to get the most out of life, beginning with the way the body is nourished. In particular, we believe everyone should enjoy the exceptional taste and health benefits of freshly milled flour. To that end, our pioneering founder Wolfgang Mock revived his dormant company in 2014 to launch the Mockmill, an affordable grain milling attachment that fits a wide variety of stand mixers. Mockmill makes fresh flour right when you need it, exactly as needed. 

Freshly ground flour is our passion.

Decades ago, Wolfgang Mock discovered the fabulous taste of bread made with freshly-ground flour. Since then, his life has been a campaign to develop awareness for its benefits. Our products make freshly-ground flour available to everyone: simply, easily, and affordably. Mockmill, our flagship product, instantly turns familiar stand mixers like AEG, Electrolux, Kenmore, KitchenAid, and others into authentic stone mills. The beauty, compactness, and simplicity of Mockmill makes it a welcome permanent fixture in the kitchen.

From our historical German farm complex at the foot of the volcanic Otzberg, near Frankfurt and on the edge of the scenic Odenwald, we are hard at work bringing products that enhance health and happiness to the world. Our close connection to nature and the sustainable production of fresh food is reflected, too, in our products and programs. And our USA subsidiary, Wolfgang Mock, Inc., was founded in May, 2016 to put us into direct contact with our American customers. So get to know our products today. And discover the joys of becoming a miller. 

Visit the main Mockmill website to learn more about our company and products. 

Wolfgang MockInterested in learning more about the people and company culture behind Mockmill? The Bread Magazine featured Wolfgang in a recent issue. The Making of a Mill Maker (.pdf)