Give the Gift of Freshness, Taste, and Good Health

As I mill my own flour, I’m not limited by the grain a miller decides to use to make the flour sold at my local supermarket. I can buy whatever grain I can find and see what I can do with it. The number of combinations to play with is huge: I can vary the ingredients I use, the way I grind them, and experiment.
-Bread Magazine editor Jarko Laine


By freshly milling your own flour, you’ll get all of its nutritious whole-kernel goodness and natural flavor. And you’ll be able to enjoy fuller, nuttier, sweeter, more complex taste experiences. With Mockmill, it’s easy, and affordable!

When you mill your own personally chosen grains, you can bake breads, pancakes, cookies and cakes that contain all the nutrients of whole grains as well as discover new, even better, taste experiences. The best part? The Mockmill is so easy to use! It attaches in seconds, and works just by turning on your mixer.

But don't take it from us. Check out this demo and review from Teresa L. Greenway, a bread baker and blogger, who also teaches break making on Udemy and at Northwest Sourdough.

Not only does the Mockmill help you prepare your favorite recipes with freshly milled bread, it also supports gluten-free, vegan, and healthier lifestyles. You can mill grains, spices, rice, dried beans, and more. No preservatives; just the freshest version of some of the most nutrient-rich foods in nature. You'll be baking food that contains everything that's in nature's good grains, all there, working in perfect balance and harmony.

More than that, Mockmill will save you money, as you'll only prepare as much flour and ground spices as you need for today's recipe. No more watching expensive flour go bad when you can't use it all right away.

Mockmill is appreciated and used daily by some of the country's top bakers, millers, and authors as a simple and affordable means of joining the just-in-time milling circle. And we're proud to get you started with our Mockmill, a selection of fine heritage grains, and with a authoritative book that will deepen your understanding of how much better baking with freshly ground flour really is!

So order today.  Once you've baked with truly fresh, Mockmill milled flour, your taste buds will tell you that you’ve become a proud member of the “grain revolution."