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"The Mockmill has been created by one of Germany’s leading grain mill designers, Wolfgang Mock, and I consider it a game changer. I have written and talked about milling fresh flour for years, and I would be thrilled if more people could experience the amazing aroma of baked goods with freshly milled flour."

-Maria Speck, award-winning author of Simply Ancient Grains and Ancient Grains for Modern Meals (both by Ten Speed Press). Find out more about her work at

Our customers tell us they love their Mockmill because…

  • Using the grains of their choice, they can mill their own flours, right when they need it. The freshness that imparts incomparable taste onto the resulting baked goods is guaranteed, under their control.
  • Gluten-free fans enjoy fresher, delicious gluten-free treats for a fraction of the price, finding it money-saving and a big convenience to mill their own rice flour, bean flour, and other gluten-free products as they need them.
  • Mockmill is easy to use, and easy to clean. Attaching it to the mixer takes only seconds, and rarely if ever needs cleaning. Still, the Mockmill is very easy to disassemble, making dusting it out quite easy.
  • It saves on counter space. Most users keep the Mockmill mounted on their mixers, quickly detaching it whenever necessary. And because Mockmill is so compact, it stores away easily.
  • Finally, EVERYONE loves how Mockmill delivers the flour right into the mixer bowl as its milling!
  • Two-year Warranty, for your peace of mind. 

Don't just take it from us! Check out this demo and review from Teresa L. Greenway, a bread baker and blogger, who also teaches break making on Udemy and at Northwest Sourdough.

Are you ready to bring the freshness of freshly milled whole grains into your home?

The Mockmill Story

Wolfgang Mock had a vision of bringing high-quality stone mills to individual bakers in order to boost nutrition, taste, and tradition in a world gone "fast food". The Mockmill is the realization of that vision. Since 1980, Wolfgang has committed himself to creating mills that are both made from the best materials and practical enough for everyday use. With the Mockmill, designed for smaller bakeries and at-home cooks, he's brought centuries of bread-making tradition, better health, and convenience out of the professional bakeries and into your home.

The Mockmill Difference 

What makes the Mockmill so special? The Mockmill Inside your Mockmillwas developed for home bakers,

but our focus is on quality. The stone is a special blend of Corundum ceramic stone, designed to smoothly grind grains, dried beans, rice, and lentils, and dry spices. You can adjust the grind from fine to larger particles by simply turning the end of the Mockmill. 


"While I grind grains at varying coarseness, I bought it specifically for grinding rye for traditional Scandinavian breads that use rye at different levels of coarseness. It works beautifully. Of course, no surprise to bread bakers, I no longer buy flour and grind my own! I also learned that freshly sifted bran makes amazingly delicious bran muffins! I ordered several buckets and lids from Breadtopia that now contain my grains. I selected the Mockmill over the Komo because the Mockmill takes no counter space and is safely tucked away until I need it."
– Linda (Verified Owner)
Mockmill users around the world are enthusiastically embracing home grain milling. Don't miss the opportunity to bring one home today! The Mockmill is a bargain at $199.00.
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