Everyday Sourdough (eBook) by Kelsey at Full of Days

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From Kelsey:

I’m not an artisan baker, I don’t produce loaves of bread that look like they could be in a museum, and you won’t find instructions for such recipes in this book. However, because of my struggles early on with sourdough baking, I felt the everyday home baker could use a guide that will hold their hand through the basics of sourdough. The recipes you’ll find in this book have been tested countless times, approved by both kids and adults alike, and will make your tummy smile as sourdough is much easier to digest.

If you’re ready to dive into the wonderful world of sourdough, you want to feed your family healthy AND delicious meals, and you have no clue where to begin…This sourdough eBook is for you! You’ll soon be whipping up sourdough recipes weekly, saving boatloads of money and reaping the benefits of this amazing, ancient method of baking. Enjoy!