Home Milling Starter Kit #1 (Flour Power)

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Get your home milling off to a perfect start with this Mockmill starter kit! Your bundle comes with everything you need to jump right into baking with fresh-milled flour!

The Mockmill is a genuine stone milling attachment for kitchen stand mixers that gives the consumer all the pleasures and benefits of freshly milled grains, legumes and spices. Finest flour and best performance of any product in its class. Fits all KitchenAid, Kenmore, Electrolux and AEG models. Mixer not included.

The Home Milling Starter Kit (Flour Power) Includes:

  • Two pounds (one bag) of Heirloom Red Fife Wheat Berries
  • Two pounds (one bag) of Ancient Spelt Wheat Berries
  • Two pounds (one bag) of Organic Rye Berries
  • Two pounds (one bag) of Wheat Berries
  • Flour Power, A Guide to Modern Home Grain Milling by Marleeta F. Basey
  • One Mockmill

Item numbers:
1x MM001; 1x BO081; 1x GW171; 1x GS191;
1x GO211; 1x GR171