More Fun With Sourdough Bread - Baking Course by Teresa Greenway

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This is Teresa Greenway's tenth sourdough baking course, and it's all about baking with whole grains. As the baking courses have gotten more advanced with newer and more advanced techniques, she have tried to incorporate more whole grains. With this course there are even more formulas and flour blends using whole grains. Ten new formulas are featured in this course. Most of the whole grain flour is freshly ground. They are all made with sourdough, no commercial yeast is used.

The loaves featured are:

  • Khorasan Boules
  • July Loaf
  • Spring Fling Seeded Sourdough
  • CranNut Sourdough
  • Khorasan Batards
  • Organic Red Spring Wheat Rustic
  • One Day Miche
  • Ranch Sourdough
  • Stegosaurus Bread
  • Beetroot Sourdough Bread

What Will I Learn?

  • Incorporate more whole grains and ancient grains into your breads.
  • Learn about long fermented dough, the kind that is more easily digested and nutritious.
  • Bake up a loaf that looks like a Stegosaurus!
  • Find out what to do with the leftover sifted bran/grains from your fresh home milled flour.
  • Have a better understanding of how to figure out the Desired Dough Temperature or the DDT.
  • Learn how to make and use dough binders.